Sunday School for all ages meets on Sunday mornings from 9:30am – 10:30am, and there’s always someone to help you find the right class!

It’s relationship building time at its best, person to person, and person to God.

The absolute critical small group time for our church body is Sunday School. It’s like going to a spiritual gymnasium where you are stretched and exerted in ways that will provide long term benefits. It is where you make friends, real friends that are there for you in crisis and in joy. Sunday School becomes a joyful motivation to worship God.

The setting is relaxed. Casual attire, or dressed to the 9’s… all are accepted. Most classes will have a great time of interacting dialog, all with the focus of “How is God at work in your life?” We take the Scriptures and explore the doctrines that open our eyes to an awesome God.

Folks find it life changing! There’s a variety of teachers with a variety of styles that truly teach with passion for God. It’s up to you to choose the class that is right for you.