Stephen, a Martyr and Fallen Soldier

Today we look at the first martyr, Stephen, one who gave his life because of his beliefs (Acts 6).

-He was a profitable Christian (v1-5)
-He was a persistent commissioner (v8-9). The others had a problem with his message, not him.
-Stephen was a powerful communicator (Acts 7:54)

Stephen’s Three Point Message in Acts 7
1. God’s program changes from time to time.
2. The blessings of God we’re not limited to the land of Israel and the temple area.
3. Israel always opposes God’s plans and God’s men.

-Stephen had personal courage
-He had a profound “crucifixtion” (7:54-60)

Sometimes God saves lives, sometimes he allows His servants to die. The Gospel spread widely because of his death. And Saul/Paul’s life began to change because of his martyrdom.

What will God do if we daily live or die for Him?

Sermon by Pastor Rob Lemon
Sunday, May 26, 2019