Saul, David and Goliath

What was so different between King Saul and the young man David? 1 Samuel 17

Saul’s reaction to Goliath
a. Dismayed (17:11)
b. Disinclined to challenge Goliath himself
c. Delegates… waited for another to come forward (17:25)
d. Dissuades David (17:38)
e. Directs David on how to do it (17:38)

David’s reaction
a. Understood the problem and its spiritual significance (17:26)
b. Did not let anyone deter him (17:28)
c. Encouraged those who were afraid (17:32)
d. Drew on previous experience (17:34-36)
e. Stepped out by faith (17:36-37, Psalm 71:4-5)
f. Used his best talent; didn’t use somebody else’s method (17:38-39)
g. The goal was God’s glory (17:46b)
h. Did not delay; he ran to meet the problem (17:48, Psalm 56:11)

The Lesson: When I am afraid, I must trust God!

Sermon by Pastor Rob Lemon
Sunday, January 28, 2018