Satan’s Strategy

The devil has a clear and devious strategy for destroying faith and trust in God. Let’s study the life of Daniel to see how this happens and how Daniel responds.

A. Disgrace Daniel’s God. (Daniel 1:2) Satan tries to embarrass God before His people, and lead people away from Him. But God is trying to develop faith in us.

B. Disconnect from Godly influences (1:3-7) They were given new names, taken away from families, taken away from godly friends, and Satan tries to destroy us.

C. Deluge with wickedness. Satan tries to make us like living in pigpens. He attacks anything having to do with Christianity in our society.

D. Demands compromise. (1:5-8) He tries to get us to give in a little, to bend us, then break us. Don’t be different than everyone else, fit it.

Has the devil tried these things on you? Be on guard, don’t be deceived!

Sermon by Pastor Rob Lemon
Sunday, April 28, 2019