I’m afraid… Saul

There are many things in this world that can cause us to be afraid. What is your fear and what is that fear causing you to do or not do?

Biblical people who were afraid: Elijah, David (Ps. 56:3-4), Paul (2 For. 7:5), Abraham (Gen. 15:1), Sarah (Gen. 18:15), Lot (Gen. 19), Abimelech (Gen. 20), Jacob (Gen. 28, 31, 32), Joseph’s brothers (Gen. 50)

“There is much in this world to make us afraid. There is much more in our faith to make us unafraid.”
-Frederick Cropp

-Saul was afraid of the task ahead of him (1 Sam. 9)

-God asks us to follow and trust Him (John 20:29)

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” Phil. 4:13. The lesson: When I am afraid of the task ahead, I will trust God’s wisdom. He put me here!

Sermon by Pastor Rob Lemon
Sunday, January 7, 2018