Daniel in Old Age

What is Daniel like after 66 years in Babylon?

God doesn’t usually retire his servants. In chapter 6, we get an insight into what Daniel is like in his older years.

-Daniel was a man on integrity in his work (v3-4)
-Daniel had a friendship with God. He enjoyed talking with him, so he continued to pray (v10). He didn’t allow others to interfere with his relationship with God.
-King Darius was concerned for Daniel’s well-being. (v14, 18)

The question then became “Is God able to rescue you?” (v20-21). Daniel boasted in God’s ability (v22, Hebrews 11:33). The verdict was proclaimed “blameless” (v22), and the backstabber’s plan backfired (v24).

The King bragged on God (v25-27) and Daniel bloomed late in life (v28).

So let’s continue to honor God no matter what our age.

Sermon by Pastor Rob Lemon
Sunday, May 21, 2019