Coming Again to Deal with Destructive Culture – Revelation 17-18

The Family Line of Cain

  1. Disobedient Religion
  2. Displeased that God will not accept his offering
  3. Un-Dissuaded from sin
  4. Demanding. Self-centered
  5. Deny sin and culpability
  6. Disgruntled with punishment
  7. Distanced from God and family
  8. Deviant Marriage
  9. Defiant in Attitude
  10. Decoration Emphasis
  11. Detested the Curse

The Family Line of Abel / Seth

  1. Deferring to God’s ways.
  2. Devoted to righteousness.
  3. Determined to connect with God.
  4. Deferential, looking to God to remove the curse.

We must be Seth’s kids while living in a world run by Cain’s family.

We must be Jesus’ kids while living in a world run by the devil’s family.

Sermon by Pastor Rob Lemon
Sunday, October 25, 2020