A Message for You Gentiles

Isaiah 49:1-5 is a message from God to gentiles. God is sending his messenger who is coming with the authority of God.

Here are some of the special names of this Messenger:
Jesus, Immanuel, Son of the Most High, Savior, Christ the Lord, My Son, Son of God

God describes the characteristics of his ministry in advance, 600 years before He is born.
-Powerful words (verse 2)
-Servanthood (verse 3)
-Display God’s Glory (verse 3)
-Much work, producing little (verse 4)
-Trust in God (verse 4)

The purpose of His ministry (v5-6) was to save Israel and to bring salvation to every Gentile on earth. His death and resurrection was to benefit you. Don’t mis the point of His coming.

Sermon by Pastor Rob Lemon
Sunday, December 24, 2017